Monday, October 26, 2009

As we love the people around us, their hearts will be softened...

Hey Everyone,

This week has been a little rough on us. We've been working hard but it seems like everyones appointments are falling through all over the place, and everybody that said they were coming to church, didnt come to church. We've been trying to find meaningful things to do with our time.

I think we're going to resort to doing service for less active members in the afternoon, and visit investigators and referrals in the evenings. My companions have been together for a while and I have to do whatever I can to stop them from bickering like a married couple. I think they will get split up during transfers next week but I'm not sure if I'll be staying or going.

Our landlord is also a little bit annoying. I think he sees us more as his children than missionaries, because he keeps giving us new rules to live by every day. We try to pretend like we arent there so he cant give us more chores to do around the house.

We also had an exchange with Elder Epps in our District and I learned so much from him. He is definitely a veteran missionary. He taught us about sacrifice and Christlike love. As we give more and more, Heavenly Father blesses for our sacrifice, and as we love the people around us, their hearts will be softened towards our message. That was the brief summary of what he taught us. I'm trying to apply it as best I can so I can be a better missionary.

Love, Elder Wright

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Michelle said...

Great Letters. Maybe I need to go on a mission to learn some of these awesome spiritual and life changing lessons that our sons get to experience!