Monday, October 12, 2009

We picked up 4 investigators this week.

Hey Everyone,

This week was really great. We had Zone Conference and had some great training
from president Laney and the assistants. After October General Conference we're
required to wear suit coats all the time. I picked up this awesome three piece
suit from the mission office that surprisingly fits really well. It isn't
entirely mission appropriate because it's gray, but my other one is getting
cleaned my a member of the ward so I get to wear the new one for a couple of
days. Bell-bottoms though ha ha.

We're moving out of our apartment this week. The one we're in right now is a
little run down. We literally have a 10x10in. kitchen sink and a toilet that
overflows for no apparent reason. We're moving into a house in the area that is a
little better equipped for us. We'll be sharing the kitchen with the homeowner
though, but that's alright. We get a DISHWASHER!!!

One of the people I was teaching down in Draper was baptized this week. Danielle
Harmon. She's 14 and has been attending church for a couple years and attending
seminary and everything, but her parents weren't willing to let her be baptized.
I got to go down for the baptism on Saturday after we had a baptism here in this

As for the work, It's going alright. We picked up 4 investigators this week,
which was really great. Some of our investigators are looking great, and others,
not so much. Parents get in the way A LOT. A lot of people have fallen into the trap of only believing the Bible
to be scripture. They cant wrap their mind around more than one testament of
Christ. We also have some trouble with getting our Investigators to Church. They
have lots of fellowship and people going by Sunday mornings to get them to
Church but some just cant make the commitment.

We also spoke at church again yesterday in one of the wards. My companion Elder
Swanson wasn't really aware of the clock and went 15 minutes overtime. There are
a lot of nearly dead/newly wed wards up here. The youth is a little nonexistent
in this area. We also got fed lasagna 3 nights in a row. gah. not. cool. One of
the guys in my district in the MTC lives in this area and I'm gunna try and stop
by to say Hi. Some of the houses in this area are GINORMOUS! I think our house
could fit in some of the garages. Also, the ward mission leaders house. it's
insane. there are like marble walls, and stone crown molding, and life sized
marble statues. We're planning to ask for a tour some time. It's crazy awesome.

I hope you're enjoying life at home.

Elder Wright

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