Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm glad I could learn from them, especially patience and anger management.


Dear Madre,

A lot happened this week, I spent the middle of the week on temporary transfer to Sandy, with Elder Patterson. (Granite and Granite South Stakes) Then I was on companion exchange for a day and served in the Midvale south stake. And THEN when I was supposed to get transferred back to Draper, I pretty much asked if I could stay in Sandy. They told me no, but they did switch me. I'm now serving in Cottonwood with Elder Crowder and Elder Swanson. They are much more chill than my previous companions in Draper. I think President Laney knew he stuck me with some hard companions and he'd figured I had suffered long enough. It was all a good experience though, and I'm glad I could learn from them, especially patience, and anger management. They also taught me obedience to the extreme. Elder Manjarrez would yell at me if I got to bed at 10:31...

Anywho, after all that, I'm serving here in Cottonwood. It's getting way chilly and it snowed a little bit last week while we were walking to the stake center. I'm starting to buckle down for the snow. Of course, it rained on General Conference weekend. I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's address on Christlike love, and I went to the Sunday afternoon session and heard Elder Holland's pulpit pounding talk on the Book of Mormon. That was really cool. I was about 20 feet from all of the apostles! Missionaries got really good seats. We recieved 3 new investigators this weekend, all with baptisimal dates for the 24th. Anyway, I'm outta time.

Love, Elder Wright

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