Monday, September 28, 2009

Snail Mail Rec'd 10/3/09-They make fun of me for getting a water...


Dear Family,

Mail was exceptionally snailish this week. I didn't get any this week because I got switched over to another zone. I don't think I'll be here for very long, but I wish I could stay for at least one transfer. The area is a lot smaller so we can actually get stuff done when we have to walk. We went to 4 Fast and Testimony meetings, Wooooooo....

I'm trying not to spend money, but Elders Lugo and Manjarrez like to go to Applebee's isn't cheap. They make fun of me for getting a water and half a salad. And, I make fun of them for spending 20 dollars a piece. I'm trying to be frugal. I get another check probably Thursday or Friday so don't be alarmed if my account is looking a little low.

Pops, I got some active culture yogurt today, but it's not a cheap little venture. I'll try to keep eating it, but it's not that good either....I'm also keeping my journal daily which is tough with so much to do before bed, ie, flossing, mouthwash, athlete's foot treatment etc, etc.

All the bishops know I'm somewhat new because my shirts are still crisp. I had Chinese food today. Utah Chinese food is disappointing. Hot and Sour soup was pretty much Sweet and Sour. I practically live off the Jimmy Dean B-fast sandwiches. So good. I made eggs this morning. And, I got a bunch of scripture study supplies. Life is good.

Love, Elder Wright

(On outside of envelope: P.S. It's snowing 9/30)

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Glenn said...

Way to eat on the cheap. Don't let the others get on you for that.

Also, way to keep a journal. It's hard now, but it'll be worth it.

Nice hearing about your experiences. Thanks.

Uncle Glenn