Monday, September 21, 2009

Snail Mail Rec'd 9/25/09-I'm getting better at tying a double windsor knot

Dear Family,

I have like zero time this P-day. I got most of this week in the email. I'm also sending pictures. I hope you like the red-tailed boa pictures. That's as close as I've decided to be to one.

Tell Remy he can play the trombone if he can get it from (aunt) Susan and takes good care of it. Let me know if he actually starts playing it and I'll tell you how to take care of it. It might be a little big for him....I'm getting better at tying a double windsor knot. I don't think I told you but my stopwatch magically started working during the MTC, but I still haven't had anything to use it for yet, ha ha. Keepin busy.

Love, Elder Wright

my bed

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