Monday, September 7, 2009

2nd Week in the Mission Field-We have Dinner Appts. Every Night

Now for this week

I'm going strong. We have lots to do and are keeping very busy. We serve the River View stake and Mountain Point stake, the most southern area of the mission bordering the Provo Mission. We get almost all of our contacts from members and media referrals. We have 6 baptisms coming up in the next month and a half, and we also teach some less active members and a few 8 year olds. I'm still not a very good teacher. Elder Manjarrez has been out 22 months and he has lots of great analogies. I also suspect he doesn't like me very much, but we get along alright. Elder Lugo is quiet and get the job done. I got a pretty bad Flu bug on Friday, which put me out of commission for all of friday evening, and then Elder Manjarrez caught it Saturday and Elder Lugo caught it Sunday, which definitely slowed us down. Over all it was a pretty 'sick' weekend... I can also see how missionaries can gain weight in this mission. We have dinner appointments every night, and lots of food places in the valley serve missionaries for free. Monday night we had two dinner appointments and three desserts. That was my very first evening in the mission field. We go to the Jordan temple on Tuesdays even though the Draper Temple is right up the street from our apartment. I attached one picture of me and riley at the MTC but I'm sending the rest home in a letter. Got to go. Dont miss me too much.

Love Elder Wright

(Cousin) Elder Riley (Harper) and I pointing to our respective missions on the
world map in the MTC. Elder Harper has been called to serve in the
Chile Concepcion South Mission.



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Michelle said...

Sweet! I love the photo. Thanks for posting. Rudy sounds great. I look forward to reading his letters weekly. Awesome : )
Michelle Harper