Monday, September 14, 2009

"We have lots of work to do."

I've been in the Mission field exactly 2 weeks now. We have lots of work to do.
Thursday we did some service for an older couple near our house. We originally
planned to wash their windows but we ended up putting some stepping stones in
behind their house. I put those wonderful shovel skills I learned over the
summer to the test. They fed us lunch after wards, which we later regretted. The
grape juice did all of us wonders. On Friday we had 5 lesson appointments set
up, but 2 of them didn't show up and 1 cancelled. Then we had 0 appointments
Saturday so we tried contacting less active members. It was really funny when we
would see people walk into their house after they had seen us coming down the
street, and then nobody would answer the door when we rang the doorbell. I think
that happened 3 times that day. We also have some primary aged investigators,
but it's difficult to get them to church when their parents wont go themselves.
Our hard work paid off though, when we got a really sweet referral Sunday.
Pretty much, this lady has read the book of Mormon, wants the lessons and wants
to be baptized. It's really cool when they just come in like that. All three of
us spoke at one of the wards yesterday. I was given about a 2 hour notice of our
assignment, but I think I did a pretty good job for a talk prepared on a sticky
note. We have one baptism coming up this Thursday and possibly two next week. I
seriously think the hardest part about this mission is remembering everyone's
name; less actives, recent converts , investigators, bishops, ward mission
leaders... I'm keeping up though. My favorite part of my day is my personal
study. An hour a day is not enough time for me to get in all the stuff I want to
study. I hope my visa comes soon, but I also hope that I get to stick around for
some of these baptisms.

Elder Wright

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P's in a pod said...

Good news Rudy! You get to have a dedicated hour of personal study for the next 763 days (roughly). Glad you are enjoying the time. Cutchy