Monday, September 28, 2009

This week was pretty cooooooool.


Hey Madre!

This week was pretty coooooool. I dont remember a lot of it... It's all becoming the same to me. We have 7 Investigators though, they all have baptismal dates for october, which I hope I can see some of them. It looks like I'll be in SLCS for a while though. I dont think many elders are getting into India right now. The last two sets of missionaries going to India have been waiting for a couple months now and I'm not sure if any are getting in at all. They told us to prepare for Christmas in Utah. At least I get a white christmas though haha. On Halloween we have lockdown, and our zone gets to watch movies cause there isnt much productivity that night. Same for Christmas. I also get to go to Conference next week, which is way sweet.

I'm on a temporary transfer right now with Elder Patterson. His companion was getting really sick so I'm replacing him until he gets better. We're in Sandy, and Elder Patterson has only been here 4 days so we are both trying to figure out what is going on in the area. We stopped by some Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders yesterday to try and figure out what we can do in the mean time. I feel that once I finally get used to the area I'll get moved back to Draper. It's a little pointless to get to know any of the members or investigators here when I'll be gone in a week. Elder Patterson is really cool though. I dont want to say he is better than my other companions, but uhhhh... he's a lot better than my other companions. He doesnt treat me like an idiot and actually answers questions I might have. I also get to sit in the front seat of the car! That's probably the best part of the whole thing. ok, maybe not, but i definitely like companionships a lot more than tricompanionships.

Love,Elder Wright

PS I think your snail mail got lost or delayed or my Zone leaders forgot to pick it up because I didnt get any. Peace.

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