Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day in the Mission Field-Augst 31, 2009

Hey Mom,
Apparently my email didnt go through last week. Sorry if it seemed like i
dropped off the face of the earth. The email system seems a little buggy. I'll
just copy and paste it in.

It's my first day in the Mission Field. P-day haha.I said goodbye to my district
this morning and we were dropped off at the mission office. We met the mission
president and met our companions. I'm with two other spanish/english speaking
missionaries until the visa comes. Elder Lugo and Elder Manjarrez both from
Texas. I'm still not quite settled in and I feel out of the loop but it looks
like I'll be alright. We have lots of appointments tonight and this week. Lots
of less active members, some referals and a few investigators. We have a car so
I dont think we have too much walking to do. It also looks like I'll be sleeping
on the floor for a couple weeks haha. We live in the basement of a members home
with a kitchen and all. There is a pretty sweet racketball court (I dont know
how to spell it) attached to the basement.
We're expecting 1-2 months for the Visas to come through, but in the mean time
all of the missionaries going to India are spread out over the salt lake south
mission and in Washington. We send email from the family history center here in
Sandy. The Mission office address to send me mail is:

Utah Salt Lake City South Mission
8060 S. 615 E
Sandy UT, 84070-0522

The mail will be extra snailish because I only get it on Mondays.
I'll be keeping in touch as much as possible.
Elder Wright

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