Friday, August 21, 2009

1st Email---"First Week"


Hey mom,

First week at the Missionary Training Compound. I finally get one day to take a break from all the busywork. We spend all of our time in a tiny little room underground and teach ourselves the lessons and learn teaching skills. Our days usually consist of 3 different things: class, food, and gym. There isnt enough gym time though. sad day. Even P-day is filled up with things to do. Laundry time is pretty much the only break we get. The food, has been described as disgusting, abombinable, and an abbhorance by the elder sitting next to me. Just to name a few of the better qualities. I can usually subsist on cereal for 2 of the 3 meals. I miss real food. My companion is pretty cool. Elder Hinsdale from Georgia. He's a little quiet but he has his funny moments. Our district is probably the most fun of all the districts here. When we're at the cafateria people look at us like laughing is against the rules or something. There are 6 of us going to India and 4 going to San Diego. Elder Powell who was in some of my classes at BYU is in my district and we share inside jokes from time to time. My teaching skills are getting better every day, and we've gone to the Referral Center a couple times so we get used to talking to real people. Teaching the fake investigators is really cool, but my companion and I are trying to find ways to realate the Gospel to the Hindu belief because that's what we will be doing the most of in India. We're going to be getting our flight plans here pretty soon, and we'll find out if we're going to India or if we will be sent somewhere state-side first until our visas get approved. I'm one week into the MTC and about a week left. CRAZY. The weeks go by so quick but the days take forever. If you can, use cause it's free while i'm in the MTC and really quick. It'll also be way more reliable while i'm in India but not quite as fast as conventional mail. I'm outta time, so I'll give you an update next week.

love, Elder Wright

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