Thursday, August 27, 2009

Temporarily Re-assigned to SLC South-Week 2-Email

Hey Mom,

I'm living the big life here at the mtc. We got our flight plans this week, which would have taken use through germany then to India, but... our visas didnt come through, so we've been temporarily reassigned to Salt Lake south mission... Hopefully we wont be there for long. Some of the guys were really upset about it, but I think I'm handling it alright. We leave monday the 31st. It's only 3 days away but it seems like forever here. I cant wait to get out and the time seems to slow down as we get closer. Elder Scott spoke to us at the devotional on Tuesday. He spoke on how the Spirit can help us if we rely on it to teach. He left some pretty powerful words with us as he left and it just made us all the more anxious to get out of here.We had malaria prevention training yesterday, which was pretty intense. We're supposed to take our drugs every day, and for 4 weeks after we leave our missions. We also have to use lots of mosquito netting on the apartments we stay in and insecticides on all of our clothing. We went to the temple this morning and did sealings. We also ate at the cafeteria there which was sooo much better than the food we eat at the MTC. I'm still handing out candy and snacks every night to get rid of all my junk food that I cant eat. Being sick is definitely slowing down my system and i'm way tired by the end of the day. I should be over it in a week i hope, but it's still frustrating me to death. Last P-day of the MTC. I'll let you know my address when I find out.

Love, Elder Wright

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