Thursday, August 20, 2009

2nd Snail Mail Letter-Received 8/24/09


Dear Mom & Pop,

I've adjusted to the MTC life pretty well so far. The newbies came in yesterday and I feel like a seasoned veteran. I got really sick from our roommates though. I'm finally getting over it. Send more Zicam cause I went through my whole bottle and they don't sell it here. I appreciate the extra anti-diarrhea medicine. I'm sure I'll need it sooner or later. I couldn't even dream of eating any of the candy you sent without getting more sick. I don't even have time to eat it. I got it Monday, so the Kripies were a little bit like Rice-cakes but the district is still eating them. The temple food is about 300% better than the cafeteria (Refer to Ricey's letter). There is also no time to do anything here. Every second of the the day has something planned, including P-day. I have 1 1/2 hours to write any letters I want and 1 1/2 hours to have my laundry done. And 30 minutes every morning to shower, get dressed and be in class every morning. I'm slowly adjusting to the sleeping schedule. Gym is a nice break in the middle of class time. I play volleyball most of the time but I might start running a bit.

I'm learning loads already. We're learning lots and lots of teaching skills and how to ask questions and how to convey each message just right. We're still on lesson 1, but we're going super in-depth. I'm only a week in, but I'm pretty much halfway through the MTC. I think I learn lessons 3, 4 & 5 on my own in the field. The MTC just teaches missionaries how to teach themselves. It's kinda weird too. I like to learn. I started color coding my scriptures. And I do memorization in what little free time I have. Weird. Anywho, lunch & laundry time.

Love, Elder Wright

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